Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Wrong Turn

Our family is moving to Idaho next month.  It was a difficult decision to make to leave Southern California, as we have most of our extended family here.  But for business reasons, and also for some family reasons, we feel like this is what will be best.  We are excited.  It will be a big adventure.

It is also a lot of work, and a lot of money.  As happens in life, there have been some logistical and financial trials that have come up concerning the move.  But yet, we continue to have little assurances that we have made the right decision for family.

Larry was in Boise this week, and one of his tasks was to find us a rental home to live in while our new house is being built.  In preparation, we spent time on rental sites looking at options in the area.  We had several possibilities picked out that Larry then looked at and tried to call on when he got there on Monday.  A couple of the places wouldn't take less than a year lease and a couple that had seemed more promising just didn't return Larry's calls.  He was a little concerned because he only had three days in town.  So here at home, we began praying for assistance.

On Tuesday, he started to drive to one of the potential rentals and made a wrong turn.  To backtrack, he turned onto a side street.  There he saw a house with a for rent sign in front.  He called on it, and it wasn't even officially in the data base yet.  They don't normally take pets, but are willing to take our Golden, and they will do a six month lease.  It has three bedrooms, which is what we'd been looking at, but it also has a huge bonus room above the garage with a half bath and a closet where all three girls will fit.

Larry felt like he was led to this house.  Not that we needed to be in that specific location, but that it was a place that would take our terms and do it in the amount of time that he had up there.  I know our prayers were answered.  As we move into this house, we will be grateful to be moving into a blessing from our Heavenly Father.