Tuesday, February 19, 2008

High Chair From Heaven

When Larry and I got married, we were both students. Needless to say, money was a rare commodity. Of course, our needs and financial commitments were no where near what they'd someday be, so there was a little extra freedom there.

Our first baby was born just before our 10 month anniversary. We purchased rocking chair and a changing table, and Larry's parents gave us a crib. That was about all we had. My sister-in-law lent us a new-born sized basket for a bassinet, and we bought a lightly used infant car seat from a friend of hers for 10 or 15 dollars. Other than shower gifts, most clothes were handed down. We were very grateful.

I think our daughter was only a few weeks old when a highway patrolman in our congregation approached my father-in-law, who was bishop at the time, about a high chair he'd found while on duty. It was brand-new and in it's box and laying in the middle of the freeway. They'd sat on it a while, as I remember, and no one had come to claim it. He wanted to know if Dad knew of anyone who could use it. And of course he did.

I hadn't been looking for a high chair yet, but I certainly knew that it was going to be a stretch for us to get one. I was so excited when we were told about this one. I immediately began calling it our high chair from heaven. I can't say I'd have picked it out, but it was new and sturdy, and worked for all four of my kids.

I seems like a small thing now, but at the time, it was enormous. I truely felt that we were being watched out for.